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Food Care:



When leaving my home, your kitten will be eating Royal Canin, Persian kitten formula. For my adults, I am currently using Authority Grain Free-Chicken and potato, Adult formula. You can purchase this at PetSmart ONLY.  

Dry food is better for their teeth and health. The chicken based flavors are usually your best choice of dry foods. Some people food is OK, cooked Beef, cooked Chicken, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Plain yogurt such as (Nancy’s yogurt). For the most part I only use the dry foods. The dry cat food is nutritionally complete so you really don’t need to feed anything else. We strongly urge you to use our recommendations since this has worked well for us for years. You will have a healthier, happy cat with less vet bills by using our recommended feeding.

I have recently (in the last 2 years) added Darwin’s Raw to my cats diet with really great results. Especially with male cats, fluid is very important. Raw meat offers the moisture their body requires. I don’t offer this as their main diet, rather I give it to them 1-2 times per day (a couple spoonful’s is plenty). You can purchase it here: https://www.darwinspet.com/



Treat: If you are wanting to feed a treat, Gerber baby food chicken & gravy flavor is safe to feed. Your kitty will absolutely love it. Just remember it’s not nutritionally complete like the dry food. Please only use as a treat.



Please Do Not Feed: Milk, Corn, Liver, Pork, egg whites, sweets, or starches. Cats cannot digest these properly and diarrhea may result. Change of foods can also cause diarrhea or loose stool.



Poisons: Many houseplants, Rhododendrons, Lillie’s, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, tulips, dumb-cane, antifreeze, aspirins, Lysol etc. Swiffer cleaners, Pepto-Bismol and new formula Kaopectate, (they contain aspirins), flea collars and over the counter wormers. They are all toxic to cats.




For hairball control I recommend,

-during shedding season and if hairballs still persist then try Petramalt. It comes in a tube and they usually will lick it off the end of the tube. If they don’t like it you can smear a glob on the roof of their mouth and they cannot spit it back out.



Kitty litter:Keep the litter pan within easy access at all times. It’s like taking a 2-year-old child and putting them in the middle of a football field and telling them to find the bathroom. Small kittens can get lost in a large house, when they are small you might try several pans in various parts of the house or you can also confine them to a small room or bathroom as this would help the transition until they know where everything is and become adjusted to their new home. Recommendations for kitty litter would be one of the 3 pictured below. Kitten attract is a STRONG suggestion for the first 2-3 months. A good choice for Clay litter is Tidy Cat Blue or Red label is fine. Be careful with using the scoop-able/sand litters. It can get in their fur and paws and upon ingesting can build up in their intestines and have to be surgically removed. Scoop the droppings and wet litter every day. Cats like to use a clean pan.



Shots: Your kitten has already received their 1st or 2nd injectable Vaccine/shots and will need a follow up booster at 12 months. This vaccine is usually Eclipse-4 modified-live, which includes Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia (distemper), and Chlamydia for strong protection against these diseases. Some kittens will have slight reactions to these vaccines, just like small children do to their boosters. Your kittens vaccine history will be provided at pick up.



Health: We do not guarantee our kittens for communicable diseases once they leave our home. They are much like small human children and if they come within contact they will catch it. We do offer replacement kitties for congenital or genetic life threatening birth defects, example: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a heart defect (aka HCM) during your kitties first year of life.

We strive for breeding good health into our bloodlines and do the best we possibly can, but circumstances sometimes are beyond our control. We firmly believe in only using outcross breeding and the healthiest possible cats in our breeding program.

We do require proof from your Veterinarian in the form of copies of medical records, if a problem arises. We then discuss over with our own Veterinarian before making any decisions.

We do not guarantee anything if found due to negligence on the new owner’s fault including not feeding the recommended cat food. Good nutrition is of utmost importance for your growing kittens. If you feed a lesser quality cat food, that is also what you get, Is Less. Expensive isn’t always Best.

Many new foods that claim to be the best are quite often found to be nutritionally incomplete. We highly urge you to continue using the foods we suggest.



Grooming:Comb your kitten’s Fur daily. Kittens will not need as much grooming as adults, but helps keep them in practice. Use a good grade metal comb. Your Exotic or Persian will need a fine tooth comb that can be purchased from a vendor in California. The information is listed below on how to order the Exotic comb. When getting a comb for your Persian, the Safari brand is best quality. You will need a staggered tooth comb with 2 grades of medium teeth (called Cat Shedding Comb) and a Fine tooth comb (16 teeth per inch) in addition. Their claws need to be clipped about every 2 weeks. I use a human toenail cutter and just clip below the hooks. You can see the pink part in their nails so cut above the pink part of their toe.



Bathing: For routine bathing, start with Dawn dish detergent (blue formula) and bathe in your kitchen sink, followed up with Kelco brand shampoos for individual coat colors. My favorite is the Plum White, it is tearless and safe to use around their face & eyes. I also like the Ultra Red and the Black Star, which are also tearless. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and blow dry. You can purchase a Blow dryer stand from a beauty store such as “Sally’s Beauty Supplies”. Always be sure to comb the fur, as you are blow-drying, as it will give you that fluffy look.



For flea control, use Advantage or Revolution, it can be purchased at most veterinary clinics.



Eye discharge:Persian/Exotic cats have a shorter pug-face head type. It is normal for some eye discharge and sneezing to occur. If the sneezing is a clear discharge and eye discharge is a brown-black in color this is normal. If it turns yellow or green in color and/or eye membranes are severely red and swollen then it means your kitty could be sick and could possibly need veterinary care. Some Persians are more susceptible to eye problems than others (Especially the lighter coat colors). Kittens will usually outgrow a lot of the eye dripping as they mature.



Eye-Care:If your kitten is a white you will notice that their eyes seem to tear more than the colored kittens. Whites have a more delicate skin and are more sensitive to bright lights. You can wash their eyes with warm water or saline solution (from a drug store) with a washcloth or surgical scrub pads. Sometimes a soft bristle toothbrush (children’s toothbrushes are great!) can be used to help work out the debris. Dry the eyes thoroughly with a tissue. You can apply a small amount of dry boric acid powder mixed with equal parts cornstarch with a Q-Tip or a soft children’s tooth brush to each corner of the eye daily to help for cosmetic appearances. Apply also in the crevices surrounding the eyes.



Recipe for Eye wound powder:

Eye wound powder recipe

1. 1 oz. Boric acid powder-antiseptic

(Can be purchased online such as Amazon, eBay etc.)

2. 1 oz. Cornstarch

3. 3 capsules of 250 mg.

Fish amoxicillin (Can be purchased www.revivalanimal.com)

Mix all ingredients very well together.

Store in an air tight container.

You may want to also try Bio groom eye care for tearing of the white hair under the eyes. This is to help maintain the pristine look. Especially for kitties that have white hair under the eye and for the cat that tears more.

Water dishes such as these are wonderful dishes that help prevent kitties dunking their neck fur into the water. It also helps keep the water cleaner longer. I use the Water fountain made by Catit. Either water dish can be purchased through using the online store amazon:

We suggest that you neuter and spay your pet kitten around 5-6 months of age. This is very important for your cat’s health and well-being. Cats that are not altered can develop “marking” traits and can slip up their toilet training. It is a natural mating characteristic. If altered at a young age they will not develop the hormones that cause this and they actually recover faster from surgery at a younger age.

If you’ve any questions you can phone or E-mail me at:

Janae Grove- Ciders_haven@yahoo.com


Visit our website at: www.ciders-haven.comWe also have a Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/cidershavencattery

Where to purchase products:

www.amazon.com -water hole dish and the Catit water fountain.

www.PetSmart.com Authority grain free chicken and potato

www.Chewy.com water filters

www.revivalanimal.com (Various pet products)

www.shampoolady.com (for ordering the Kelco Shampoo)

(Link below, for ordering Clean Start Shampoo)http://www.cherrybrook.com/index.cfm/a/catalog.prodshow/vid/418969/catid/215/vname/Clean_Start_Clarifying_Shampoo_by_Chris_Christensen

Bio Groom eye care:

Can be purchased on amazon or online.