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Elsie - Dilute Calico Exotic Longhair

Elsie - HHElsie has been such a joy to have around since the first night that she came home. She is very social, smart, loving and attentive. She is only slightly cautious of anything new at first, but she is very quick to figure out how trust her surroundings and get to playing. I have even been able to start clicker training with her and teach her a few tricks :) She is a little goofball! She absolutely loves to play with her toys and I keep finding more toys that to get her to see how quickly she can figure them out. She is very particular to our play time though; she knows exactly where the wands are and tells me when she is ready for me to swing around the tail for her. Her absolute favorite toy right now though, is my parent's new puppy, who is only 3 days older than Elsie. The first time she met him, she discovered the wonders of dogs and their wagging tails. They saw each other again for Christmas and they went straight to playing with each other in the pile of wrapping paper. It is so much fun watching what she will do with her toys next. It is just as much fun when she is done playing and cuddles up to take a nap. She is such a joy to have in my life and I am very happy that I was able to adopt her.

I was able to speak with a few ladies who had adopted kittens from Janae before and adopting Elsie has been every bit a great experience as Debra and Melanie assured me that it would be. Thanks :)

- Jenn

Cruz - Red Tabby and White Persian

Cruz HHI was so lucky to have found Cider's Haven Cattery! I found it with a google search when I started looking to adopt a black and white Persian kitten in May 2012. It had been 10 years since my last persian kitty adoption and I was aching for a new one. Janae's website was great. I filled out her contact form and she emailed me same day! I introduced myself to her and talked about what I was hoping for in a kitten. I knew I would be waiting a few months for a new kitten if I waited for her cats to give birth, but I felt she was the right breeder based on our communication. While waiting for black and white kitties to be born, I fell in love with a red and white boy from Essie, based on photos. I'm not sure how I knew he was the one for me without seeing them in person, in fact, I kept changing my mind between the three, but then finally chose one and emailed her and asked if I could Skype with her. She lives in Washington and I live in Arizona. There was no way to see them in person except for Skype, which she had offered. After seeing the three boys playing in her house, on Skype, I chose one and put a deposit on him a couple of days later, with Paypal, and named him (Cruz). Not only did Skype help me see the kitties, Skype also made Janae feel real to me, not just a person typing emails to me. Then I waited for him to grow. She took more photos and had them up on her website. She had a couple of YouTube videos. She sent some photos via text message. When it got close to time to bring him home, my husband made travel arrangements to fly there and pick him up. Janae said she can ship the kitty, and has in the past, but with the heat of the summer I would have had to wait longer. My husband has family in the area, so he could see them and pick up Cruz before getting on the plane. Southwest Airlines made the carry-on of a kitty very easy! A small travel carrier (soft sided) fit perfectly under the seat. When I went to the Phoenix airport, 3 days ago, to pick up my husband, and 12 week old Cruz, I was in, how do I say it, shock maybe. Shock because after not seeing him in person, and waiting 2 1/2 months to bring him home, well, he was so beautiful, so clean, so soft, so calm, so loving. He purrs almost non-stop. He goes around my legs and rubs up on them. He is social; if I say, "Hi Cruz," he meows back. He plays with all types of kitty toys. He jumps and climbs on his cat tower. I gave him a bath today and he loved that! He soaked in water with me cradling him on his back and he almost fell asleep. He took fine to towel drying, blow drying and brushing. He is eating well (I'm feeding what Janae fed him) and using the litter box (using the same litter as Janae uses). He is soft with his paws and nails and teeth; not biting and not scratching myself and my family. I trimmed his nails today and he did fine with that. My kids (4 of them, ages 5 to 9) love him and he plays well with them. He is not scared or shy or mean. I took him out to visit someone today and he was wonderful with the people he met, and they all just loved him. I know Cruz will bring my family and me much joy; and it is thanks to Janae. She is a wonderful breeder! -Stephanie from Phoenix, AZ

Reganbogan - Calico Exotic Longhair

calico exotic longhair_ReganJanae thank you so much for Regan! From the moment she came home she was instantly accepting of affection,not standoffish at all! Regan has been so wonderful and friendly to everyone that comes over.She is so loving and I know your a big part of that. I can tell that you have spent much time handling her as she is very patient(even purrs) when I comb her and clean her eyes. I love that you truly appreciate the little email updates and its a great comfort knowing that I ever have a question you would be there to help.Thank you so much for making the process so easy and for giving me such an amazing kitty companion. Thanks again!

-Ayiesha from Bellevue, WA

Elan - Blue and White Exotic Shorthair

Elan - blue and white exotic shorthairJanae thank you so much for Elan. We are so lucky to have found you as a breeder. Your quality and love shines in your kittens there is no doubt about that. Elan is such a happy boy and full of spunk he wears out my two year old I love it!!! We are looking forward to many happy memories with our newest addition to our family. The Flis-Burrell family from Kenmore, WA :)

Zazzy - Black and White Persian

black and white persian - zazzyWe have been so happy with our purchase of Zazzy! She is a great addition to our household and we all adore her! Zazzy arrived to us very healthy, happy, and playful. We could tell instantly that she has been well socialized and loves to be picked up and played with. Janae is very friendly and helpful breeders who are easy to communicate with and ask questions of. Janae went out of her way to provide us with what we asked for, even letting us see our kitten via Skype, since we purchased her from the East Coast. Her posts on Facebook and on You Tube are terrific and she even provided us with a photo CD of our kitten at purchase. She is a wonderful person to purchase a cat from and we are so pleased that we did! Dawn & Dennis from Niantic

Dominick - Red and White Persian

DominickHi Janae,

We finally got our boy!!! Dominck is like a breath of fresh air in our home. We absolutely love him! It seems like he explored for a short while and then decided he loves us and we love him too! He only stays where we are in the house, nowhere else! I keep picking him up and loving him and he purrs continuously. Janae you have been so helpful too with the whole process. I'm so very happy to have found you! I'll keep in touch with you and send pics of course!

Vanessa and Family from Lacey, WA